Kristina Pringle—Freelance Filmmaker (Director/Producer)

Work & Ethos

An all-femme crew on our Peage Pages shoot:
Directors: Kristina Pringle, Nicolee Tsin
DOP: Carmen Pellon Brussosa
AD: Jemma Williams-Fyne
Gaffer: Laura Aguilera
MUA: Emily Wood
Hair Stylist: Sandra Hahnel

Special thanks to: Corinne Cummings, Niki Alexandrou, Marina De La Dehesa, Kozy Kamu  

Peach Pages is an online platform celebrating Pan-Asian artists: Link to platform here
Kristina Pringle 蔡宇欣 (She/They) is a Taiwanese filmmaker based in London. With a background in Film Studies (King's College London) and Documentary Filmmaking (UCL- Open City Doc School), her work aims to foreground the voices of underrepresented communites. All of Kristina’s projects are centered around Queer/POC narratives, and the aim throughout her work has always been to platform the voices of minority communities. By doing so, she advocates for better representation, both on-screen and off-screen. As a Director/Producer, she ensures that her cast & crew reflect the diversity she is championing for. 

Her main passion within film is cinema’s ability to shine light on individuals who may not necessarily have the platform to tell their own stories. By creating work that speaks to this sentiment, she hopes to act as a bridge between communities and reshape the conversation around identity and representation.

Producer: ‘Backflip’ - Eliza Legsdinae
(Nov, 2021)

Director/Producer: ‘Screen Test’ - Peach Pages
(Oct, 2021)
Production Manager: ‘Liquid Love’ - Billie Marten
(Aug, 2021)
Director/Producer:Seduction’ - Jason Kwan
(Dec, 2020) 
Production Manager: Birds’ - Palindrome
(Dec 2020)
Director:Give Me Up to Love’- Jason Kwan
(Sept, 2020)
Co-Director: Sometimes I Cry’- Jason Kwan
(Aug, 2020)
DOP:A/W 84’ - Super Drama
(Mar, 2020)

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