Kristina Pringle (Director/Producer)

Kristina Pringle 蔡宇欣 (She/They) is a Taiwanese filmmaker based in London. With a background in Film Studies (King's College London) and Documentary Filmmaking (UCL- Open City Doc School), her aim has been to create film worlds that fill the frame with colour, heart and meaning.

Her main passion within film is cinema’s ability to shine light on individuals with underrepresented voices. By creating work that speaks to this sentiment, she hopes to act as a bridge between communities and reshape the conversation around identity and representation.


Select credits from recent work:

Producer: Tennis Opened Up: Docu-series (dir. Harry Hitchens, LTA x Deloitte, June 2022)
EPK Filmmaker: Peach Paradise (dir. Shiva Raichandani, Netflix, Mar 2022)
Production Manager: Making of the Worlds (dir. Chris Laughter, Riot Games, Oct 2021)

Co-Producer: Sugar Babies [Short] (dir. Harry Shaw, in Festival Circuit)
Producer: Papa’s Dead [Short] (dir. Omar Kent, in Pre-Production)
Director: Peach Pages: Screen Tests [Short] (dir. Kristina Pringle, Oct 2021)
1st AD: Forget Me Nots [Short] (dir. Lilly Rose Thomas, Agile Films, Apr 2021)

Director: Tom Rosenthal - ‘Walking up the Hill’ (Dec 2021)
Producer: Eliza Legzdina - ‘Backflip’ (Nov 2021)
Production Manager: Billie Marten - ‘Liquid Love’ (Sept 2021)
Production Manager: Billie Marten - ‘More Than This’ (Sept 2021)
Production Manager: Palindrome - ‘Birds’ (Dec 2020)
Director/Producer: Jason Kwan - ‘Seduction’ (Dec 2020)
Director: Jason Kwan - ‘Give Me Up to Love’ (Sept 2020)

Producer: Degrader Untitlab AW/22(Sept 2022)
Producer: Deloitte Augmented Reality Video (June 2022)
Production Coordinator: Deloitte In-house Video Series (Nov 2021)
Photographer: Nike x Chelsea FC Young Women’s Tournament (Aug 2021)
Subtitle Translator/Editor: Visual Market Research for Asics, Häagen Dazs (The Mixx, London 2019-21)
Subtitle Translator/Editor: Visual Enthnographic research for Netflix, UnderArmour, Nike, HSBC, Mercedes Benz (Bamm, London 2016 - Present)

Videographer/Editor: Mosaic Rooms- ‘Restless Gestures’ Live Show (Sept 2022)
Videographer: ICA - Image Behaviour - Live Shows (March - April 2022)
Videographer/Editor: ICA - Strange Echoes - Live Show (Feb 2022)
Videographer/Editor: ICA - Frames Festival Opening Night: A Night of Knowing NothingQ&A with Payal Kapadia (Nov 2021)
Videographer: Gash Theatre Gets Ghosted (Edinburgh Fringe 2021)
Videographer: Mummy Vs - Heather Bandenburg (Barbican Disrupt Festival 2021)
Videographer: The Bitten Peach (Underbelly Festival 2021)
Videographer: The Black Burlesque Review w/ CBC (Underbelly Festival 2020)
Contact Details:


Freelance Producer/Director
London, UK