Kristina Pringle 蔡宇欣
Making of 2021 League of Legends Show Open             [Documentary]
Directed by Chris Laughter
Produced by Ben Narich
UK Production Manager: Kristina Pringle
[US, UK, Iceland | October 2022]

Faced with a series of unprecedented challenges, Riot Games and their team of partners rally to bring Arcane to life on our largest global stage: the Worlds 2021 Show Open, presented by Mastercard.

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Director: Chris Laughter
Production Co: Stept Studios
Executive Producers: Paul Muhlback, Lex Hinson
Producer: Ben Narich
Interview DP: Jeremie Brilliant
BTS Camera Operators: Jeremie Brilliant, Chris Laughter, Matt Bass

UK Team:
Production Manager: Kristina Pringle
Production Assistant: Lucas Fisher-Horas
Gaffer: Michael Sides
Camera Assistant: Fanka Georgieva Pearce
Set Sound Mixer: Oliver Sanders

Los Angeles Team:
Gaffer: Chris Walters
Swing: Justin Sadler
Camera & Lighting Assistant: Darrin P. Nim
2nd AC: Michelle Cruz
Set Sound Mixer: Jeremy Emery
Production Support: ScottDavidson, Kevin Murphy

Iceland Team:
Camera Assistant: Alex Elfarssom

Post Production Co: Lockt Editorial 
Post Production Manager: Sharon Yvonne
Post Production Coordinator: Spencer Zachary
Editor: Grace McIntee
Assistant Editor: Amanda Moy
Colorist: Stratton Farrar
Post Sound: Manuel Rivas
Based in London, UK