Kristina Pringle 蔡宇欣
Sugar Babies              Short Film
Directed by Harry Shaw
Produced by Jessica Palmarozza
Co-Producer: Kristina Pringle 
[May 2022 | London, UK]
Two queer kids devise a con which goes wildly awry as they reconcile their love for each other.

Link to Trailer
Link to Full Film available on request.

Director: Harry Shaw
Producer: Jessica Palmarozza
Co-Producer: Kristina Pringle

Starring: Nebiu Samuel, Will Antenbring, Wayne Foskett, Frank Bourke
Casting: Sydney Aldridge

1st AD: Freddie Hall
2nd AD: Jono Hine
3rd AD: Jemima Stephenson

DOP: Simon Plunket
1st AC: Josh Liles 
2nd AC: Ernie Griffith

Gaffer: Sarraa Ali
Sparks: Ciaran Tunmer & Gian Calipa

Sound Mixer: Nick Grant
Boom Operator: Hao Zhi Zi

Production Designer: Omar Kent

Costume Designer: Ellen Hind

HMU: Emilia Corfe 

Tracking Vehicle Operator: Drew Tate
Tracking Vehicle: DLP Films 

Composer: Max Palmer
Sound Designer: Max Brodie

Editor: Scarlett Bovington
Post House: Whitehouse Post

Colourist: Alex O’Brien
Colour House: Company 3
Colour Producer: Chris Anthony 

Equipment: Emmyland & Pixie Pixel
Based in London, UK