Kristina Pringle 蔡宇欣
Tennis Opened Up            Documentary Series
Deloitte x Lawn Tennis Association

Directed by Harry Shaw
Produced by Kristina Pringle

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From pro players at the top of their game, to kids picking up a racket for the first time, to visually impaired players training with their local teams, to older players making strides in walking tennis, and finally to coaches & volunteers dedicating their energy to keeping the sport alive within their community. It was an incredibly humbling experience to see each individual’s spirit and their collective efforts in opening tennis up and making it a more accessible sport for all.

Director: Harry Hitchens
Producer: Kristina Pringle

DP: Ciaran Obrien
1st AC: Ami Bevilacqua 
2nd AC/Lighting Assistant: Adeeb Waren

Sound recordists: Calum Sample, Leon Radschinski Gorman 

Editors: Amy Dang, Milo Hutchings, Ryan O’Connor

Colour: Megan Lee
Colour producer: Olivia Jessop
Colour house: ETC Colour

Composer: Hugo Ellingham
SFX: Brother Music

Contributors: Amarni Banks, Rosine Pybus, Mohammed Naeem, Sarah Strawbridge, Judy Murray & Anne Keothavong
Based in London, UK