Kristina Pringle (Director/Producer)
untitlab™ AW22 Concept Film
Directed by Nicolas Tian Cai
Produced by Kristina Pringle
[September 2022 | London, Shanghai, Helsinki, Singapore]
A concept film for Untitlab’s AW22 collection.
Link to Full Video

Director- Nicolas Tian Cai
Producer- Kristina Pringle
Director of Photography- Carmen Pellon Brussosa
Editor- Amy Dang
Music Composer- Oscar B. Morgan
Starring- Lewis Cameron Walker, Alexander Love

First Assistant Director Jemima Stephenson
Production Manager Omar Kent
Production Coordinator Lucien Meng

First Assistant Camera Chelsea Bernard
Second Assistant Camera Ciaran Tunmer
Steadicam Operator Chris DuMont
Stills Photographer Zhuo Chen
Gaffer Owen Whitehead

Hair & Make-up Kevin Cordo
Costume Designer Margaux Daly
Stylist Nicolas Tian Cai
Assistant Stylist Sans Peng

Stunt Driver Hugo Garca Romero
Stunt Coordinator Ewen Osorno
Stunt Company Innercityriderz

Rescue Diver Frances Katz
Production Driver Charles Roberts
Production Assistant Lauren Hart

Colour House Electric Theatre Collective
Colourist Megan Lee
Colour Producer Olivia Jessop

Sound Design Calum Sample
VFX Artist Skene Milne
Digital Modelling, Animation, SFX production E-Kung
Graphic Designer Han Gao

Special Thanks Ciaran O’Brien, Joseph Edwards, Rudi Rodel
Freelance Producer/Director
London, UK